Introduction From The Principal

Being the father of two daughters myself, I am very conscious of how important it is to choose the right school for your child. I want my own children to be happy at school, to be valued as individuals, for their talents to be recognised and encouraged and for them to be both challenged and supported in their learning. As Principal of Hunterhouse College, I strongly believe that these are characteristics which also lie at the core of the school’s ethos.

Hunterhouse College, like all schools, is defined in part by its history and tradition and these shared values will always continue to shape the way in which we work. However, we are also outward-facing and forward-looking in our approach. The curriculum and the learning experiences of our students within the classroom are continually reviewed to ensure that the needs of every student are fully met.

We are also very aware of our place and responsibilities within the wider community. Through links with, for example, the business community, charity organisations, other schools and the Higher and Further Education sectors, ideas and expertise are drawn into the school. Furthermore our own students are involved in a range of activities and initiatives which enrich and improve the lives of others.

We are all extremely proud of the work which we are doing at Hunterhouse College and it is my pleasure to share some of it with you. Whilst our website outlines the key aspects of how the school operates, I would encourage parents to come to the College either on our Open Evening/Morning or by arranging a visit through the school office. The students are our best advertisement and by experiencing the school first-hand I am sure that you will see why this is such a wonderful place to learn and work.

Andrew Gibson – Principal