Welcome to Hunterhouse College

We are all extremely proud of the work which we are doing at Hunterhouse College and it is my pleasure to share some of it with you - Introduction from Our Principal More »

A Caring School

A good school is based on strong relationships at all levels and this is an area of real strength within Hunterhouse. Click to learn more about our Pastoral Care Policies More »

A Well-Resourced School

Significant improvements have been made to the school buildings and teaching and learning environment. In recent years purpose built facilities have been added to the school and existing facilities updated and refurbished. More »

Mission Statement

Una Crescamus – “Let Us Grow Together”. Hunterhouse College strives to enable every girl to reach the highest academic and personal distinction of which she is capable. More »

So Much To Offer

At Hunterhouse College we are fully committed to the personal development of all of our pupils - socially, morally, physically, creatively and artistically. More »

High School Musical

Click to learn more about the upcoming Hunterhouse College Production of High School Musical. Meet the cast! More »


Welcome to Hunterhouse College

Hunterhouse College fosters a strong sense of community between staff and pupils, reflecting the school motto ‘Una Crescamus’ – ‘Let us grow together’. Throughout their time at Hunterhouse pupils will experience inspiring teaching, strong encouraging peer support and committed pastoral care. The school is unique in its delightful natural setting, child-centred environment and the warmth of pupils and staff.

Hunterhouse College

Around the World at the Musicals

Around the World at the Musicals

You can download an order form here

Performing Arts News

Tickets are now on sale for Hunterhouse College’s production of High School Musical. The performance runs from Monday 17th November – Wednesday 19th November (matinee and evening showings on Tuesday 18th). Follow the link to the Island Arts Centre Box Office to book your ticket!

The Performing Arts section of our website has been updated with various information related to High School Musical and other upcoming events so please check it out under the Extra Curricular Tab.

Included is a cast list and the nights the students will be performing on so family and friends can check which night their budding stars will be taking to the stage.

The Performing Arts Rehearsals Schedule for the Autumn Term is now also available. Interested pupils can find details here

Theatre Door

European Heritage Open Days 2014

EHOD flyer 2014

Click here for more information on over 400 events taking place across the country for the European Heritage Open Days, or alternatively visit the DiscoverNI website.

Important Information for Yr 14 Leavers

This information applies only to those girls who are using their C2K email addresses as their method of communication with UCAS or universities.

You are very strongly recommended during July to contact UCAS ( and any universities with whom you are in email contact) to register a new email address because:

  • the C2K email address will cease to exist at the end of August for all Yr 14 Leavers and it is essential to ensure all communication runs smoothly during the important weeks after publication of results.

  • If you are still using your C2K address by mid-August, it is likely that your password will have run out and you will need to contact school to have it reset.

High School Musical Cast 2014

High School Musical

Please find the cast list below for Hunterhouse College’s upcoming performance of High School Musical.

High School Musical Cast 2014

Role Blue Cast Red Cast
Gabriella Montez Victoria Quinn Beth Mulholland
Troy Bolton Georgia Hanna Summer Ferguson
Sharpay Evans Georgia Weller Meabh O’Hagan
Ryan Evans Molly Simpson Olivia Gilmer
Chad Danforth Kerry Forsythe Bronagh Sweeney
Zeek Baylor Lucy Doherty Alex Malone
Taylor McKessie Orla Boyle Alice Crowe
Martha Cox Rebekah Martin Kiah Gray
Jackie Scott Katy Rodgers Gemma Brown
Kelsi Neilson Jane Morrow Hannah Kennedy
Mrs Darbus Claire Stewart Mikhaela Bothwell
Coach Bolton Ellen Hoy Lauren McConnell
Ripper Nadia Boal Small singing/ dialogue part
Mongo Tabitha Matchett
James Chloe Millar Candidate in audition sequence
Susan Cayce Hendry Candidate in audition sequence
Cathy Sophie Bryson Candidate in audition sequence
Alan Zara Webb Candidate in audition sequence
Cyndra Sarah Mills Candidate in audition sequence

For pupil’s reactions to being cast in their roles, follow this link