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Hunterhouse College fosters a strong sense of community between staff and pupils, reflecting the school motto ‘Una Crescamus’ – ‘Let us grow together’. Throughout their time at Hunterhouse pupils will experience inspiring teaching, strong encouraging peer support and committed pastoral care. The school is unique in its delightful natural setting, child-centred environment and the warmth of pupils and staff.

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Hunterhouse College Open Days 2018

School Closure Friday 8 December

Dear Parent / Carer

Heavy snow is forecast at 12 noon and again between 3pm and 4pm. While at present buses are scheduled to continue this may not be the case for later in the day, particularly for those students in outlying areas. As a consequence we have decided to close the school from 12.30pm. To ensure that all students are kept safe we will be putting in place the following procedures:

  • At 12 noon all students will be sent to Form rooms where they will be asked to contact a parent / carer and to confirm with their Form Tutor how they will be making their way home.
  • The school will remain open for as long as students are on site and are able to be collected or to use public transport with parent’s consent.
  • Lunch will be available in Redwood for those students remaining in school.
  • I would that ask parents / carers do not make separate arrangements with their child in advance of this as we need to know who is on site, when each student is leaving, and how they are getting home.
  • Sixth Form students who are scheduled to sit mock examinations this afternoon and who still wish to do so will be able to do so.
  • Any Sixth Form student who misses a mock examination today will need to sit this in the next available session.

Thank you for your understanding with these arrangements.

Yours sincerely

Mr Andrew Gibson


House of Lords Open Chamber Debate on International Relations in the 21st Century

3 of our students, Emily McConnell, Emilija Budryte and Mari-Anne Hamill, spoke in the House of Lords Open Chamber Debate on International Relations in the 21st century last week representing Hunterhouse and Northern Ireland. You can view the footage of our 3 speakers in the video below.

Carol Service