What Our Parents/Carers Say

‘Hunterhouse has been an excellent choice for our daughter. There is a very caring ethos in the school and staff are sensitive to the pastoral needs of teenage girls. One of the aspects we like most about the school is that each girl is encouraged to meet her own individual academic potential without pressure of comparison to others. The school is very good at meeting the needs of individual pupils.’


‘Hunterhouse is a truly special school. It embraces and nurtures the girls and provides them with an inclusive and far reaching learning environment. The pastoral care element is exceptional.  Our daughter has thrived and is learning and achieving so much under the care of an excellent staff.  Our next daughter is currently going through the transfer process and the only choice for her is Hunterhouse!!’


‘I am delighted with how staff have helped my daughter settle in to her first year at Hunterhouse. This has obviously been a completely different experience for the Year 8s this year but from the moment they came into school for their welcome day and received a personalised Hunterhouse mug, she has felt right at home. There is a lovely sense of community from the class and I am truly delighted that she has settled in so well and made plenty of friends.’


‘My daughter came from a school in East Belfast and knew no one in her class prior to attending. Hunterhouse has been absolutely perfect for her. She has blossomed, she loves coming to school, she loves the subjects and is flourishing in each one despite having had some challenges in P7.  She reports that the teaching staff are so lovely and provide support and encouragement and are passionate about their subject which has in turn motivated her to be interested. I am delighted with our choice and I would highly recommend Hunterhouse.’


‘My daughter, currently in Year 11, thoroughly enjoys going to school and continues to thrive in Hunterhouse College, she also enjoys taking part in the varied sports and activities; especially hockey, netball and athletics.  During her time at Hunterhouse College, my daughter has grown into a confident, motivated and happy young lady. Since the introduction of remote learning I can only congratulate Mr Gibson and the wonderful staff of Hunterhouse College as they continue to guide and support the girls during these uncertain times’


‘My husband and I were delighted when our daughter secured a place at Hunterhouse last year. We specifically wanted her to go to an all girls’ school having seen how much she had previously thrived in a single sex environment in the primary years in Edinburgh. Since starting first year in twenty twenty, she has grown and matured so much and settled immediately. The class ‘bubble’ I think has really helped the girls form friendships, and because she has spent most of the time in the one classroom, it has helped her transition and not become overwhelmed. She has had lots of support from teaching and support staff and really enjoyed the varied curriculum. I would highly recommend Hunterhouse- especially for children who would benefit from a smaller, nurturing environment that takes a truly child centred approach.’


‘As a new parent this year to Hunterhouse, I have been so impressed by the pastoral support available in the school. It is very reassuring as a Year 8 parent. From the outset, with Ms McSwiggan’s meet and greet in June (not to mention the personalised gift), I knew we had chosen the right school for our daughter. More recently with blended learning, the private comments the teachers leave on Google Classroom is just one example of their care and encouragement, very child centred. Many thanks for all you do to enrich our daughter’s new school experience in these very difficult circumstances.’


‘We were anxious for our daughter, who has special educational needs, as she began Year 8 at Hunterhouse in September. We needn’t have been, as her transition could not have been smoother. From Day One all of her needs were met and she felt happy and secure. Each day we can see her confidence growing. We are so thankful to the school and have no doubt that we made the right decision in choosing Hunterhouse.’


‘When my daughter and I first visited Hunterhouse it was at the open night 2019. My six year old son thought it looked like Hogwarts. We only tagged along with a friend that night not imagining this would be my daughter’s first choice. As soon as she entered the building she said ‘I want to go here’. To be honest I tried to dissuade her from putting it down as an option purely because of transportation issues. I don’t drive and there’s limited buses from my area. I was also worried about her being the only child from her primary school as Hunterhouse haven’t had a pupil from that school before and she wouldn’t know anyone. However in true style my daughter was determined to make it work. It’s very daunting as a mother watching your first born start secondary school and even more frightening during COVID. I contacted the school regarding my concerns and they were very reassuring and accommodating. I am amazed at the help and support my daughter has received but also at the help and support I as a parent have received. I’ve had WiFi issues and transport issues and yet the school find solutions to these problems. I find the staff very approachable, accommodating and willing to help.

When I asked my daughter why she picked Hunterhouse, in her own words she said ‘I was interested in the fact it was a cross community grammar as there’s not very many of those’, ‘I love the building and the grounds’ and ‘I like the staff because they are kind and caring’. Our first introduction to Hunterhouse when my daughter said she felt right at home she knew at such a young age that it was the best fit for her and I agree. My daughter is happy going to school and happy upon return. What more could any parent ask for? I hope in the future my daughter’s positive experience and mine will encourage more children in our area to apply.’


‘My daughter wasn’t overly fond of school full stop. Loved her primary school and was anxious about new friends and grammar school life. I can only now reflect on her experience as a ‘whole’ one over the years. She went on to love school, she became fond of all the teachers, they all seemed genuinely to want my daughter to get the right path and best results for her. There has been consistent, caring leadership with clear communication throughout school life and the pandemic. My daughter felt safe, cared for and nurtured at Hunterhouse and this has allowed her to grow into a wonderful, confident young person.’


‘Finding the right environment to learn and grow, both in terms of education and in preparation for the world after Sixth Form, is so important. In Hunterhouse, both of our daughters found a warm welcome and were instantly made to feel part of the Hunterhouse family. They are taught, cared for and supported by staff who work hard to ensure the girls reach their potential. Our daughters have developed a wide of interests through the extra-curricular activities on offer such as orchestra, choir, Scripture Union, hockey, netball and ukulele club. Both have represented their school in School Choir of the Year and on sports teams. Hunterhouse is a happy place to go to school and girls excel there. Both of our daughters are testament to this and we could not be prouder of their academic and personal achievements. Hunterhouse is a very special place to our family.’