The Student Council

The Student Council at Hunterhouse College is a democratically elected council in which students have a strong student voice for driving forward school improvement.  The main aim is to improve the learning and teaching for all in the school community and the Council is also heavily involved in school policy development and review. The Student Council gives students a platform from which they can join together, speak out and be heard.

The Student Council are elected by their peers, with one student being elected at the start of the academic year from each Form Class to represent them and their views at Student Council meetings. The Student Council also has voluntary Staff Members who assist in facilitating meetings and nurturing the free flow of ideas and opinions, not only between staff and students but also between different year groups.

The Student Council provides a meaningful way in which students can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. It also provides leadership and development opportunities for students, promoting communication, co-operation and enhanced understanding of the school community.  It provides the Principal and Senior Team with a very valuable consultation group through which student opinion can be gauged on a variety of issues and it also allows students to gain experience of the work of management in School whilst also providing a structure that allows the views and concerns of students from Year 8 to Year 14 to be expressed to the Senior Team.

The Student Council is underpinned by the school motto: ‘Una Crescamus’ or ‘Let us grow together’. As we work together – students, teachers and management – we help to create and develop a positive and caring learning environment for all in Hunterhouse College.