Why I chose to study at Hunterhouse College

Comments from students who decided, after their GCSEs, to come and study at Hunterhouse College.

I chose to study post 16/A Level courses at Hunterhouse because……

…. it offered the subjects that I love and need for my future career. It is a great school for higher education and an amazing support network that makes me feel like I can achieve anything!  



…. Hunterhouse offered many more subjects compared to my old school and I was really interested in studying many of them. I felt that by moving to Hunterhouse I was giving myself the best opportunity to get into university and pursue my chosen career path.



…. my old school didn’t offer A Levels and so I had to move to a new school. I really appreciate the small class sizes at A Level, especially coming from a much smaller secondary school. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Administration Team as I was able to get to know my way around the school much quicker.



…. I was able to study Criminology as well as the school being a positive and safe space for LGBTQIA+ teens. The support from the staff surrounding mental health has made the transition to studying A Levels much easier than I expected. I didn’t feel isolated when I transferred to Hunterhouse as the students and staff have all been so supportive.



…. the school offered subjects that my previous school did not. I really enjoy studying at Hunterhouse because I feel that the teachers have allowed me to achieve a high standard of education which will benefit me when applying to my chosen university.



…. I have a few friends who already go to Hunterhouse, and they had nothing but positive things to say about the school environment. Since coming here I’ve never been happier, this school’s pastoral care is incredible, and the staff are so approachable and caring towards every student’s well-being.


…. I knew some people who had completed Sixth Form here before and really enjoyed it. The school was also able to offer all the A-Levels that I wished to do in Sixth Form.



I have really enjoyed studying at Hunterhouse because…….  

…. I have had the amazing opportunity to make new friends as well as the teachers being really friendly and helpful within my chosen A level subjects.


…. I have been introduced to teachers who are able to give me a one-on-one learning experience and have helped me improve in my academic and personal studies. They have also helped take me through the UCAS application and made me feel prepared for university.


…. I have managed to make friends for life. I have been able to pursue a possible career path in Criminology having studied it at A level and I have experienced a safe and positive school environment when I can express myself completely.



…. I have been able to meet so many different people within the school and have created some close friendships with them. I have also really enjoyed studying at a different school and experiencing a different learning environment which has helped me become more independent.



I have really enjoyed studying at Hunterhouse because all the subject teachers are very supportive and if I need support, they are helpful and easy to talk to, which motivates me in completing my work.