Sixth Form FAQs



In what ways is Sixth Form different to Year 12?

The shift from Year 12 to Sixth Form is a whole new school experience in itself, you are given more freedom, more time to study and more one-on-one support from your teachers. The assistance that you receive within school helps to ease the pressure of studying at home, making the Sixth Form experience more enjoyable. Although the work load increases from Year 12, you are studying the subjects that you chose and love therefore, the work and revision can be very rewarding.



Is the work much harder at AS level compared to GCSE Level?

When transitioning from GCSE to AS Level, the work definitely becomes more complex. However, as you will now only be studying three or four subjects (of your choice) it will become easier to manage. Unlike GCSEs, where you would have been studying nine or ten subjects, with A-Levels you are studying three or four subjects that you are fully engaged in, allowing the workload to feel more manageable. I also personally find I am given so much support and help from the teachers in order to be able to manage my studies.



Where will I be based to do study when I don’t have classes and will I know what to do?

Primarily in the Sixth Form Study during your free periods or in the Learning Resource Centre, if you need to use a computer. Generally, your teachers will set you work that you can do in your free periods or you might have coursework to complete. You can also use the time to revise for upcoming tests, but really it’s up to you to manage your time and you are free to decide what you need to do for yourself.



If I am struggling with my workload and worried about my grades, what should I do? 

Sometimes the workload can seem overwhelming but remember everyone has felt like that at some point. There is always someone to talk to for help and support. You can talk to your subject teachers, form teachers or Head of Year for advice. Also talking to others in your class and sharing experiences can be very beneficial in finding out how they are coping with the workload.



Will there be opportunities for me to develop leadership skills and to take on additional responsibilities?

Yes! There are many opportunities to develop leadership skills: for example, you could volunteer to be a part of the Administration Team and develop office-based skills, or you could put yourself forward to be House Captain, a member of the Charity Committee or, be selected for the Head Girls’ Team. There are also many more roles on offer throughout the year to help enhance your skills, especially in preparation for any pending UCAS applications.



What support is available if I’m having difficulties at home, with friends or because of an issue with safeguarding.

There are many people you can go to if you have a problem – big or small. If there is an issue with friends or having difficulties at home or adjusting to school, you can speak to a range of people, your Year 14 peer supporters, your Form Tutor or a subject teacher that you feel comfortable talking to. Everyone will be more than happy to help. If there are more serious problems such as safeguarding issues, your teacher may pass the issue on to our Safeguarding Team here at Hunterhouse who can provide the support needed.



As a student new to Hunterhouse I don’t want to feel like a Year 8 all over again – will it be easy for me to find my way round and get to know other students?

As the school is smaller than others, it’s easy to find your way around and after a few days you should be confident about where everything is. However, if you do get lost our students and teachers are friendly and always happy to help. We have a range of clubs which gives you the opportunity to meet new people with the same interests.


What if I choose a new subject and realise after a week or two that it’s not what I expected?

It’s no problem if you decide one of your subjects isn’t for you. In the first few weeks of Year 13, you can stop a subject and switch to another if you feel it is better suited to you or even pick up a fourth subject to get a taster for it and compare it to the rest of your subjects.  If you have any queries, there is always advice available from members of staff who will to help you.



I’ve heard applying to university is a long and difficult process – is there help available with this?

Every Year 14 student has a UCAS Tutor who will guide them through the UCAS process at a weekly timetabled meeting.  We start planning in Year 13 with Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance weekly meetings along with regular talks and information sessions from the Careers Department.  Although it may all seem a bit daunting, it is very manageable and planning for your future career is very exciting!



I know Sixth Form will be hard work – will there be time for any fun?

Yes, it is very fun. It is a great experience and allows you to become closer to your peers and spend some downtime together. It is also a great opportunity to create positive relationships with your teachers which creates a more relaxed learning environment.  

We can choose what work we want to do during our study periods which gives Sixth Form students a sense of freedom and responsibility. Additionally, in Y14, we have one recreation period a week when we can spend time with friends and have a well-deserved break from our studies. As Sixth Formers we are privileged by being allowed to drive to school and even go out during our lunch times but we also have a well equipped kitchen with kettles, microwaves and a dishwasher so you can really cook up a storm (of pot noodles).