Government & Politics

What Is Politics?

Politics is one of the few A-Level subjects that deals with decisions, issues and processes that change the world. Politics involves studying how governments, institutions and decision-making processes operate, and how power is distributed and exercised. It is through understanding political processes that many important challenges can be addressed – human rights, poverty, equality, and welfare.


What Do I Study?

At Hunterhouse College, Government and Politics is offered in Years 13 and 14 as an AS / A-Level subject, following the CCEA specification.


In Year 13, students study two modules:

  • AS 1: The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland. This module analyses the Northern Irish political system, including the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Northern Ireland Executive, and the Political Parties in Northern Ireland.
  • AS 2: The British Political Process. This module analyses the British Political System, including the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Judiciary, and pressure groups.


In Year 14, students study a further two modules:

  • A2 1: Comparative Study of the Government and Politics of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This module analyses the functions and powers of the US Congress and President, comparing the relationship between the USA’s legislature and executive with that of the UK.
  • A2 2: Political Power. This module focuses on the factors involved in creating and maintaining power, studying concepts such as authority, coercion and legitimacy. Theories of power are also critically evaluated including Elite, Pluralist, Marxist and Feminist theories.


What Skills Can I Learn?

A range of transferrable skills can be acquired through studying Government and Politics including the ability to think critically, evaluate arguments, conduct research, and communicate effectively.


What Opportunities Are Available To Extend My Learning?

A-Level Government and Politics students often have the opportunity to attend events in the Northern Ireland Assembly and Belfast City Hall such as International Women’s Day and the Mock Council of the European Union.


For further information, please contact Dr. Johnson, Head of History and Politics.

Government & Politics at Hunterhouse College

Government & Politics at Hunterhouse College

Government & Politics at Hunterhouse College

Government & Politics at Hunterhouse College

Government & Politics at Hunterhouse College