Pastoral Care

The role of our pastoral staff is to provide the support and guidance that is essential to ensure that all students feel safe and valued in school and become successful learners.

When students enter Hunterhouse they join one of four form classes within their year group. These classes are rearranged at the end of Year Eight and then again at the end of Year Ten. This is to ensure that students develop confidence working with others within their peer group and are able to build friendships right across the year group.

The exception to this structure is the Sixth Form in which form classes are organised vertically, with classes containing both Year Thirteen and Year Fourteen students. This provides opportunities for peer mentoring, for support and for the sharing of learning strategies.

At the heart of our pastoral system are the Form Teachers. They continually monitor the well-being of every student and her friendship group dynamics, as well as mentoring the academic progress of all students. The Form Teacher will be the first and most important point of contact between school and home.


Form Classes meet each day, with time spent in either whole school or year group assemblies or following a Personal Development Programme appropriate for their age range. This will cover issues such as e-safety, health and well-being, self-esteem and study skills.


The basis of our pastoral system is strong relationships and communication at all levels. This is an area of real excellence within Hunterhouse. From the feedback we receive from our parents and students we know that students feel confident that they can talk to teachers, that they will be listened to and that they will be encouraged and supported.


The pastoral work of the Hunterhouse staff is complemented by that of the FamilyWorks Counsellor. This is a service used by all schools across the country to ensure that students have a different person that they can talk to in school and whose expertise we can draw on.