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There is a well established pastoral care system in Hunterhouse College, based on Year group teams each consisting of a number of form teachers and a Head of Year.

Before girls enter Year 8 they are invited to the College to spend time getting to know some of the staff and beginning to get to know other girls in the year group. This induction opportunity, which includes parents, takes place towards the end of the summer term. Some of the staff may also visit girls in their primary school. Before girls enter Year 13 they take part in an induction session which aims to raise their awareness of all that the Sixth Form has to offer them.

The Pastoral Care system and the College Behavioural Policy are inextricably linked. We believe the most effective pastoral care operates within a clear framework of sanctions and rewards which each girl knows and understands. The College aims to provide the structures that enable girls to manage themselves and their circumstances positively and thus develop personally and in their roles and relationships with others.

For each girl her Form Teacher is a key person who holds initial responsibility for both pastoral care and education. The Form Teacher is supported by the Head of Year, the Pastoral Co-ordinator, and a Vice Principal. In the Sixth Form the tutor team under the leadership of the Head of Sixth Form maintains the pastoral care and guidance programme for each girl.

Most support counselling is provided by Form Teachers informally from day to day, but in addition there can be extended guidance time with the Head of Year or Pastoral Co-ordinator for any girl in need.

A good school is based on strong relationships at all levels and this is an area of real strength within Hunterhouse. Visitors continually comment on the calm but purposeful atmosphere evident in the school. We have also established structures and devoted time to providing opportunities for pupils to take on leadership responsibilities – for example as Form Captains, School Council Representatives, Librarians and Prefects.

At the heart of our caring school is the Tutor system. These staff will continually monitor the well-being of every girl and her friendship group dynamics, as well as monitoring the academic progress of all pupils. The Form Tutor will be the first and most important point of contact between school and home.

The highest standards of work, behaviour and self discipline are expected. The rules of the College are the minimum necessary for a happy and civilised community and it is hoped that each girl will be able to develop her individuality in that ordered environment.

Good work, attitude, progress and behaviour are rewarded through the commendation system and by the awarding of house points and are publicly recognised each year at Prize Day.