Pastoral Care and Student Support

At Hunterhouse College our Student Progress Team, led by the Vice Principal and the Senior Managers for each Key Stage, work to ensure the social, academic and emotional wellbeing of all students. We believe that only when barriers to learning are identified and appropriate strategies and interventions are in place can each individual student make the progress of which they are capable.

Celebrating the success of our learners and rewarding their achievements is integral to Student Progress at Hunterhouse College. We reward our students through incentives and strategies such as:

  • Subject specific feedback and encouragement
  • The use of the achievement point system to reward academic success, participation in extra-curricular activities, helpfulness and improvement.
  • Termly attendance reward trips
  • Prize Giving Events

For more information on celebrating success see our Positive Behaviour Policy.


Creating bespoke student support and tailoring interventions for students is a vital aspect of the work of the Student Progress Team. We use a range of baseline data such as CAT and PASS testing to identify barriers to learning and work closely with students, staff, parents and relevant external agencies to allow students the opportunity to overcome these barriers and meet their full potential. Interventions and support strategies include:

  • Assertive Mentoring
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Use of Student Progress Hub
  • Access to Familyworks counselling service
  • Subject specific support sessions

The Student Progress Team work closely with the SENCo to ensure that reasonable adjustments are in place for all students on the Special Educational Needs register and that all staff are aware of these adjustments.

For more information on Special Educational Needs see our Policy.


At Hunterhouse College we foster an ethos of inclusion and diversity and believe all students have the right to learn in a safe, caring environment which is free from the threat of emotional or physical harm. Our Student Progress Team will investigate any alleged incident of bullying in line with the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act 2016. This ensures an appropriate response to all instances of bullying behaviour and encourages students to adopt positive attitudes and behaviour.

For more information see our Anti-Bullying Policy.


Our Vice Principal is the Designated Teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection and our three Senior Managers for Student Progress are Deputy Designated Teachers. Safeguarding begins with preventative education and includes support to families and early intervention to meet the needs of the young person. Child Protection refers specifically to the activity that is undertaken to protect individual children or young people who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, harm. We believe the young person’s welfare is paramount, the voice of the young person should be heard and that there should be collaboration between families, professionals and relevant external agencies.

For more information see our Safeguarding Policy.