Careers Education & Guidance

The CareerZone provides a hub for Careers Information, Advice and Guidance. Information about careers and courses is available on open access and the Careers Seminar Area hosts lunchtime talks. Individual students can seek guidance from Careers staff as they feel necessary and interviews are organised for all students when important transition choices have to be made (Years 10-14). The Careers Adviser from the Department for the Economy is regularly available to students for consultation. School careers staff offer a post-results advice service in August for Years 12-14.


For all Year 13 and for those who plan to leave school after Year 12 there is an opportunity to learn more about the career of their choice through a work shadowing placement. Year 14 students preparing for Higher Education or employment interviews can practise their skills in a ‘mock’ environment. The school hosts a biennial Careers and Higher Education Exhibition as well as talks from university admissions staff and representatives of professional organisations. Students are encouraged to attend workshops, conferences and open days relevant to their aspirations.


Through Careers Education, students learn how to use occupational information, find out about education and training provision and about the world of work, and assess their own developing skills and knowledge in relation to these opportunities. Students evolve their own Personal Career Plans in the context of each transition they must make – whether to GCSE, Post-16 courses, Higher Education or employment. As students move into the senior school support is provided for the application and selection process, and life beyond school is considered: finding accommodation, financial issues and settling in at university. Careers Education is delivered through various means which include careers modules, CEIAG Days, subject-based careers lessons, and the programmes in Learning for Life and Work and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness.


At each level students are encouraged to analyse their own strengths and ambitions, to research a variety of career and course options and to gain an insight into working and student life. These skills of Personal Career Planning help students to make successful key decisions within school and to approach their career paths with greater confidence.