The core aim of the curriculum at Hunterhouse College is to enable all pupils to succeed in their learning.

Further aims are to:

  • Broaden the knowledge, understanding and experience of all girls so that they enter the adult world with the confidence to participate in and contribute to society.

  • Develop well-rounded, balanced individuals who recognise that education is a lifelong process.

  • Encourage girls to make informed and responsible choices and decisions about their lives including their future education, training and career options.

  • Develop skills and capabilities as well as knowledge and understanding.

The organisation of the curriculum is designed to encourage individual progress through, for instance, flexible groupings, ICT-based learning opportunities and innovative teaching and learning. The College offers pupils breadth in their choice of subjects, thus providing more than the minimum requirement.

In Key Stage 3, for girls aged 11-14, classes are unstreamed in most subjects. Girls are taught mainly in form classes but are subdivided into smaller groups for practical subjects.

In Key Stage 4 & 5, for girls of 14-18 years of age, individual subject choices are made and class sizes vary accordingly.

Details of the courses available at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are shown below.


Key Stage 3

English and Drama
Home Economics
Languages (French, German, Spanish)
Learning for Life and Work
Physical Education and Games
Religious Studies
Science (separate Biology, Chemistry, Physics in Year 10) Technology and Design

Key Stage 4 Core Subjects (3.5 GCSEs)

English – GCSE
Mathematics – GCSE
Learning for Life and Work – GCSEPhysical Education and Games (non-GCSE)

Religious Studies (Short Course GCSE)

Key Stage 4 Optional Subjects (choice of up to a further 7 GCSEs)

Further Mathematics
Art and Design
Business Studies
English Literature
Home Economics
Languages (maximum of two from French, German, Spanish)
Physical Education
Religious Studies
Sciences – (either Double Award or Single Award)
Technology and Design

Details of courses available at Key Stage 5 can be found here.