Head Girls’ Welcome

Hunterhouse College provides a very nurturing environment for all the students, along with a very compassionate pastoral support team to produce the highest standards of education for all. Value for the individual is central to school life and is demonstrated through the aims of commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.  The most vital factor in the success of our school is unequivocally the student-teacher relationships, with each member of staff providing you with the utmost support for you to succeed.

Hunterhouse College has many exciting facilities that anyone can utilise, such as our Learning Resource Centre containing myriad books and computers to aid in your learning, a fitness suite, a video conferencing suite and a refurbished Careers department to name a few.

Our school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities suited for every individual. For example, for those who enjoy sport, we have badminton, hockey, netball and more. We have Junior and Senior Choir for those with musical taste and we also have Art Club and Debating. Hunterhouse College caters to all interests and will allow you to make new friendships which will grow and last a lifetime.

This year, Hunterhouse College has implemented numerous ways in order to keep all students safe in the current COVID-19 situation. This is by using a one-way system to get round the school, promoting the use of hand sanitiser by keeping them beside all doors for students to use when entering or leaving a room, as well as bubble rooms to ensure student and staff safety is not compromised.   

Our journey in Hunterhouse has been one filled with joy, fun and excitement. We have been given numerous opportunities to develop skills and to achieve academically, leaving us prepared and ready for the next step in our lives. We hope you enjoy your time in Hunterhouse as much as we did.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Swarna George – Head Girl

Olivia Sanderson – Deputy Head Girl

December 2020