Child Development

GCSE Child Development (CCEA)

Child Development investigates the development of babies and small children (0–5 years).

It encourages students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, including practical skills, in these key areas:

  • pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn baby
  • the responsibilities involved in parenting and other family roles
  • the social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional development of small children, including their dietary, health and educational needs.

Students develop subject-specific skills such as evaluating feeding options for a baby, and transferable skills such as analytical problem solving. They also learn about relevant scientific and technological developments.

The specification has three units:

  • Unit 1 (Examination): Parenthood, Pregnancy and the Newborn Baby
  • Unit 2 (Examination): The Development of the Child (0-5 Years)
  • Unit 3 (Controlled Assessment): Investigation Task.

There are two written exams, each worth 30% of the overall mark, and one controlled assessment task, worth 40%

With this qualification, students may choose to progress to our GCE in Health and Social Care or other related courses. This course also provides an excellent foundation for a career in nursing, midwifery, child care, teaching and many more.