What our Sixth Form Students Say

Sixth Form at Hunterhouse – What Our Students Say


The advantages of studying A levels at Hunterhouse College:

A Form Time period each week is dedicated to a Year 13 student pairing with a Year 14 student with similar subjects. It is very useful talking to students who experience the same subjects first-hand. The guidance is very useful and helpful coming from other students; you aren’t afraid to ask questions and express concerns.



If you need somewhere to relax, talk or have lunch, we have the recreational area! There’s great facilities that can be used to make lunch and it’s a really good place to socialise with many of your classmates.


Sixth formers in Hunterhouse are very lucky to have a wide range of computers, including laptops, ipads and Apple Mac computers, available for us to use to help us with our studies. We can use these facilities across the school, both during class and outside class hours. We have our Learning Resource Centre which is always available for students to use with its computers and laptops; this also includes our own school library. This is especially helpful if students don’t have access to a computer at home. We also have ipads which can be used to help with our studies too.



At Hunterhouse College, our Learning Resource Centre is brimming with books to aid and enhance your Sixth Form learning, the library offers a wide range of books in relation to Sixth Form subjects from Shakespeare’s plays to books about anatomy. I have found the library crucial to my learning throughout Sixth Form as it has given me a deeper understanding of my learning and has enabled me to demonstrate this understanding in a clear manner in my classes and in assessments.



I absolutely love studying A Levels at Hunterhouse College as there is an amazing community environment. If you are ever struggling with anything or have any questions, it is very easy to go and ask your teacher for help, both during class and outside of class time. The teachers are always willing to help you and give up their time in order for you to reach your full potential.



At Hunterhouse College there is the option to take a wide variety of subjects ranging from A Levels to BTECs. There are many interesting subjects and you are able to find out what is involved before choosing your favourite. Currently I study two A levels, Religious Studies and Health & Social Care and BTEC Business Studies. Taking a BTEC with two A levels enables me to balance my workload and takes away the pressure of sitting exams, as I can focus on coursework assessments throughout the year.



Study periods are an invaluable part of being a Sixth Form student at Hunterhouse and something that you come to appreciate more and more throughout your time in school. The Sixth Form Study provides a dedicated quiet area where you can catch up on homework or use a computer if needed. It really makes your time at school more enjoyable and getting some extra work done during school gives you more time to focus on other activities at home.



 How to achieve success in A Levels at Hunterhouse College:

Making revision notes during study periods throughout Sixth Form means that you won’t feel as overwhelmed when exam season comes around, as there is a big step up in the amount of content from GCSE to A-level.  I would also recommend doing as many past paper questions as you can to prepare for exams as this really helps get in the exam mindset and shows where your strengths and weaknesses lie.



Teachers are very accommodating to the needs of students, making it easy to ask for help when needed. A duty of personal care to each student is essential, and this is displayed by teachers in everyday school life. The warm and embracing support system in the College opens paths for us to reach our full academic and personal potential as young people. Teacher support since and during the onset of remote learning has provided reassurance and encouragement to many students. It illustrates that teachers have adapted in the conditions to support students, irrespective of the situation at hand. Teachers have displayed resilience in maintaining our crucial support mechanisms and this has helped immensely.



Studying with friends is a useful way to share understanding with your peers, teaching and learning from one another can help everyone involved. This is also important as it helps to develop a good work ethic in a group environment which is crucial to creating a support system among friends to face the challenges of A Levels and encourage success.



As an A Level student, it can be hard to find a balance between your work and your life outside school, therefore, organisation and time management are the keys to stay on top of deadlines. It is useful to make lists of all of the tasks you need to achieve each day and to take note of each deadline to ensure you are focused and can manage your time wisely.



Studying with friends has been one of the most effective ways of revision for me and has helped with my success at Hunterhouse. It gives you an opportunity to ask each other questions on topics that you don’t understand and to talk through them together to figure out any uncertainties.



Although academic success is important, the only way to reach your highest potential is to prioritise your mental health.  A Levels are a big step up from GCSEs and with this comes more stress and pressure. At Hunterhouse College there is a wide range of support available to help you throughout your studies and achieve your academic goals.