Mental Health Week – Year 11

by | May 11, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week (10th – 16th May)

Year 11 Form Activities

Following a discussion with their Form Tutors about Mental Health Awareness week, and using the theme of “Nature”, Year 11 are using their Form time to focus on “positive mental health” and not poor mental health. 

They have been tasked to provide an “image from Nature” which makes them happy.  This can be a place they have visited on holiday, where they walk their dog or something they see every day (like our glorious Redwood drive). 

Each pupil has been provided with 4 post-it notes and asked to record 1 thing each day from nature for which they are grateful or which makes them smile. 

The images and post-its are to be creatively displayed on a Nature board in each Form room as part of an intra-form competition which will be judged by The Vice Principal and Pastoral Senior Manager for Key Stage 4.

It is hoped that the displays will remain in place for the rest of the term, bring pleasure, not only to the Form class but to all who teach or are taught in the room.


Year 11 Health and Well Being Day – Thursday 13th May 2021

Year 11 is a very important foundation year for GCSE and there is no doubt that the lockdown from Christmas to Easter has been difficult for staff, pupils and parents alike. 

In acknowledgement of this it has been decided to run a Health and Well-being Day on Thursday 13th May 2021. The students will not be in normal academic timetable on this day.  

The day will include a range of activities highlighting the importance of good Mental Health including:

  • Made for More – workshop on strategies for improving mental health and developing resilience
  • PE Department – running an orienteering exercise to develop teamwork skills and recognising the importance of physical exercise in maintaining positive mental health.
  • Form Tutors – discussing successful learning strategies and having fun with their Form with a quiz and treats.
  • They will also complete a self-evaluation exercise with strategic planning for upcoming assessments and further developing a positive self-motivated academic approach to learning.


Year 11 Mental Health Activities and Ice Cream

The ice cream was also enjoyed by the rest of the school as the sun was shining!