Coding Club

Every Tuesday at Hunterhouse College, we have a Coding Club from 3:30pm – 4:30pm. This after school club gives the girls an opportunity to expand their programming skills beyond their traditional ICT classes in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We fully believe that coding isn’t an individual activity, so we have lots of mini group projects and tasks.

Some of the topics covered include HTML coding, JavaScript, Game Maker and C#.

Members have access to the “Coding Club” Fronter VLE Room which allows them to access lots of resources which will help them in their weekly tasks. Furthermore, they’re able to use the Forum to ask messages to their peers and teachers on any questions they may have about the tasks.

Some feedback on the after school club includes:

“I really enjoyed today, it was really good fun and I am excited for next week”

“I found the club really fun and quite informative”

“I found that this weeks tasks were really fun to do. I was also very interested to see what we can change using CSS”