SEN at Hunterhouse College

The provision for Special Educational Needs at Hunterhouse is overseen by our SENCO, Miss Louise Gribbons. This is supported by a team of 10 Classroom and General Assistants, links with a range of external agencies and dedicated and skilled teaching staff.


Before you Begin…

If your child has a Statement of Educational Need then please contact the SENCO before your child begins Year 8. Likewise, if your child has been on the SEN register in the previous school or has been receiving external support it is really helpful for us to know so we can ensure the correct information is passed on to staff and the correct adjustments are in place.


In Year 8…

As your child begins their journey through Hunterhouse College we will work with parents, classroom assistants, teaching staff and – most importantly – the student themselves, to ensure the correct adjustments are in place for your child to meet their potential. These adjustments might include:

  • One to one support with organisation
  • Literacy support
  • Peer support
  • Use of the Student Progress Hub
  • A reduced or flexible timetable

We will also ensure an IEP is in place and that the access arrangements necessary for your child are their normal way of working for all tests and assessments. These might include:

  • 25% extra time
  • Small exam room
  • Rest breaks
  • Coloured / enlarged paper


Year 9 and Beyond…

As your child moves through school their needs will change and this will be reflected in their IEP and the adjustments we provide. Throughout their time at Hunterhouse College our aim will be to ensure your child has every opportunity to reach their potential.