Individual Needs

In line with the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs, the college is alert to any difficulty and makes provision according to individual needs. Such help is made by working in partnership with parents and outside agencies. All students have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum but if learning support is needed then we can offer additional help in the classroom or through counselling services.

The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for arrangements for the identification and assessment of and provision for students identified as having special educational needs. Arrangements vary from time to time but include differentiation in tasks and the reinforcement of key skills in class to the provision of extra English coaching for foreign students and of classroom assistance for physically disabled students. They include requests to Examination Boards for special arrangements or special consideration for students taking external examinations.

At all stages, where support is needed it is carefully monitored for its effectiveness.

Parents can obtain a copy of the College Special Education Needs policy by telephoning or writing to the Principal.


Teaching Very Able Pupils

As in all grammar schools, the students in each year group are of a very high level of ability. There is, however, a further recognised category of student, i.e. very able or gifted, who require a provision which is specially sympathetic and flexible. The size and philosophy of Hunterhouse College has made it attractive to such students.

The parents of any students in this category are advised to consult the Principal about their needs as early as possible. Enrichment and extension work is provided for very able students within the framework of mainstream provision. The skills of the very talented are extended through Music, Sport and Drama as well.