Sanctions & Rewards

The highest standards of work, behaviour and self discipline are expected. The rules of the College are the minimum necessary to secure a civilised community and it is hoped that each girl will be able to develop her individuality in that ordered environment.

The rules are made clear in detail in each girl’s homework diary. The diary is used as a record of daily work programmes and should be available to parents. If a girl infringes the rules she may be detained after school and required to carry out an appropriate task. Parents are informed on the very few occasions on which this is deemed necessary and may be invited to discuss reasons for the sanction being imposed. A major contravention of school regulations could result in suspension or exclusion. Such severe sanctions are rarely needed at Hunterhouse College.

A Commendation Award system operates in the Years 8, 9, and 10. Particularly good work (either attainment or effort) or behaviour, is rewarded by the award of a Commendation card. An appropriate collection of Commendation Cards converts to a Commendation Certificate which is presented to the girl in Assembly and recorded on her report.

Academic and other achievements are publicly recognised each year by the presentation of prizes either at the Junior or Senior Prize Day ceremony.