House System

The House System provides further opportunity for the exercising of responsibility and leadership. Every girl is a member of one of our four Houses which, under their Captains and Vice-Captains, compete for trophies awarded for activities ranging from sports to public speaking. House points are given as tangible recognition of the contribution made by individuals to our corporate life. They are awarded for representing the school, for personal and sporting achievements, or for acts of helpfulness.

Through the House System the school seeks to
• provide rewards for pupils for their effort and achievement in classwork and homework
• encourage pupils to contribute to extra-curricular activities and reward their effort in these areas
• give the pupils opportunities to take responsibility for organising house activities or assisting House Captains
• encourage loyalty and develop team spirit and House identity
• provide opportunities for pupils to display and develop their talents
• give pupils the opportunity to mix with and learn from pupils of different ages

The four houses are:
1. Duncan – Blue
2. Lewis – Green
3. Shearman – Red
4. Welch – Yellow

All girls will wear a badge of the designated colour to indicate which house she is affiliated to

Senior House Master/Mistress*





House Leader**
House Captain***
House Secretary***
House Treasurer (Junior and Senior)***

House Leader**
House Captain***
House Secretary***
House Treasurer
(Junior and Senior)***

House Leader**
House Captain***
House Secretary***
House Treasurer
(Junior and Senior)***

House Leader**
House Captain***
House Secretary***
House Treasurer
(Junior and Senior)***

*Member of Senior Team

**Member of Staff

***Sixth Form


Roles and Responsibilities

Senior House Master/Mistress

To make decisions relating to the house system and to oversee it’s administration.

House Leader

To provide leadership, oversee the work of the house officials and to act as a link between the pupils and staff.

House Captain

To coordinate events within their house, organise the teams which will represent the House in the various competitions and will arrange meetings and practices for those taking part as well as conducting House assemblies.

House Secretary

To record decisions taken at meetings and communicate with house members using the House Noticeboard.

House Treasurers

To record all house credits awarded and to produce monthly statements.

House Meetings will be held on the second Friday of every month. Venues are:

Assembly Hall Duncan
Gym Lewis
Lecture Theatre Shearman
Sixth Form Centre Welch

House Credits will be issued by staff for approved activities in the form of stamps. These may be given as either
(i) Individual Credits or
(ii) Team Credits

Credit stamps will be stuck by the pupil onto a savings card. The pupil will also record the date, no of credits and what the credits were awarded for. Credits may be stuck onto cards at any registration but recording of the details of the credits may only be done on Wednesday during extended registration. Cards will be colour coded to represent the house colour and issued once a pupil has earned credits. They will be held in the form registers.

Cards will be collected from all Form Teachers on the first Friday of each month, sorted into houses and passed onto the House Treasurers. Individual pupils will record credits earned in any month on a page in the homework diary.

The House Treasurers will record and tally the detail of all rewards in advance of the House Assemblies when current standings will be announced. These will also be posted on the House Noticeboard by the House Secretary.

The House Noticeboard will be centrally located and each house will be given a section for publicising meetings, events and credits. House Secretaries will be responsible for maintaining the noticeboard.