Technology & Design

Technology and Design is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of high quality technological products. Every design is influenced by outside factors such as consumer demand, the state of the market, customer expectations and consumer laws.

Our departmental aim is primarily to provide each student studying Technology and Design with opportunities to investigate and examine a range of designs and products through visual aids and hands-on experience. As they progress through the curriculum we aim to develop their awareness of the role and function of Technology and Design within society and the process involved in developing a product from the initial problem to its final solution, with a focus on how they learn as well as what they learn and allowing them to build upon:
• Solving ‘real life’ problems (Being Creative)
• Delivering what the client wants (Managing Information)
• Appreciating that ‘quality’ in everything is essential (Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities)
• Decision making (Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making)
• Working to deadlines (Self-Management)
• Communication skills (Working with Others)
• Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT Accreditation Scheme)

The Importance of Technology and Design

Technology and Design prepares students to participate in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly changing technological world. Through Technology and Design, all students can become critical and informed users of products, and become designers and innovators. Technology and Design is about students becoming self-motivated, creative, problem-solvers and allows them to work both as individuals and as members of a team. Students will look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of design ideas and by making and evaluating products and systems.

Department Structure

All students at Hunterhouse College study Technology and Design during Key Stage 3 (Years 8-10). The Technology suite of four rooms is an excellent facility enhanced by newly updated ICT and numerous pieces of CAD CAM equipment. The central focus of the Key Stage 3 course is ‘Product Design’ and ‘Resistant Materials’. The programme of study is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills which can be used in the design and manufacture of products which are meaningful to them.

Technology and Design is essentially a practical subject. Students are encouraged to use and develop imagination and creativity as they design and manufacture their own goods. Opportunities are provided to engage in activities which build upon their interests and level of maturity. Technology and Design capability is developed through work associated with four elements: – Designing; Communicating; Manufacturing and use of Energy and Control.

All students within the Technology Suite are required to maintain a safe and organised immediate working environment and adopt safe practices, particularly when using hand tools, machines and equipment. They are informed of potential hazards in the manufacturing environment and of appropriate actions to take should the situations arise.

Studying GCSE and A Level Technology and Design provides opportunities to tackle and resolve design and technological problems to meet human needs within a range of contexts, such as home, school, leisure, community, business and industry. Essentially, we are searching for better ways to do things, inventing solutions and taking risks.

The Technology department delivers ‘Edexcel’ Product Design RMT to both GCSE and A Level. In order for our students to reach high attainment levels, the students must adopt a commercial design approach to their work, reflecting how a professional designer might deal with a design problem and its resolution.

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Mr T Campbell

Head of Technology and Design