Learning for Life & Work

Learning for Life and Work is a modular subject which is comprised of three strands – Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Development and Employability.


This subject aims to help students develop skills, knowledge and qualities which will enable them to think independently, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action when faced in the future with personal, social, economic and employment issues.


At Key Stage 3, students study a module of each strand in each year. There is a significant emphasis on active learning, group work and discussion and, in Year 10, students visit the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont to learn about democratic processes in action. Each module is assessed through completion of coursework and a short test.


At Key Stage 4, all students work towards the CCEA GCSE in Learning for Life and Work. The three strands are taught separately. The Revised GCSE beginning in Sept 2017 is delivered as follows:

  • In Year Yr 11 students study the Citizenship and Employability modules, sitting the external exams in these courses in May.
  • In Yr 12 students study the Personal Development module, completing a Controlled Assessment and sitting the external exam in May.
  • Overall, the Controlled Assessment is worth 40% of the final grade and the examined components 60%
  • The modular nature of the course permits for the completion of 40% of the total assessment during Year 11.


Year 10 Visit to the Northern Ireland Assembly