Key Stage 3 History

At Hunterhouse College we are presently teaching the Revised Curriculum to KS 3. All our students will follow a Year 8 course which focuses on the Norman Invasion of England and Ireland, with a project on castles. We also visit Carrickfergus Castle as part of a Connected Learning exercise and study life and death in the Middle Ages with the Music, Business Studies and Mathematics departments.

In Year 9 we cover 1500 to 1700 focusing on the Reformation, Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth, the Armada, Ireland in the 16th and 17th century and the American Slave trade. The Year 10 course focuses on the First World War, how women got the vote, and Ireland from 1840-1921 focusing on the Titanic and partition. We always visit the Somme Centre.

GSCE History

At GCSE we study a modern world study and developments that have shaped our own society.

For Paper 1 we cover the USA 1918-41 and Peace, War and Neutrality in Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland 1932-49.

For Paper 2 we cover the Cold War 1945-1991, including Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

We do the CCEA Controlled Assessment which is the replacement for coursework. At Hunterhouse College we put a lot of emphasis on reinforcement of knowledge and understanding with revision packs and intensive tuition focusing on the past paper questions. These are all available on the school internal system for students under RM Shared Documents.

A Level History

If you ever wanted to study law, become a journalist or work in a library or TV or radio archive, then history is the option for you.

We offer the new CCEA Specification in AS History. The units are designed to help the students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for history and an understanding of its value and significance in today’s society. Students will be encouraged to become effective, independent learners able to think critically, carry out research, ask the right questions, make judgments and evaluate conclusions.

There are 2 papers at AS.
AS 1: Germany 1918-1945, 50% of AS, 1 hour 30 minutes paper.
AS 2: Russia 1903-1941, 50% of AS, 1 hour 30 minutes paper.

From 2009 we have been teaching the new A2 specification.
A2 1: Clash of Ideologies 1900-2000, 20% of A level, 1 hour 15 minutes paper.
A2 2: Partition of Ireland 1900-1925, 30% of A level, 2 hours paper, set in the context of historical enquiry including the use of sources and 1 essay question.