Religious Education

Religious Studies is an integral part of the academic curriculum of the school. Every pupil in Years 8 to 12 follows the legal requirements of the subject in Key Stages 3 and 4 as specified by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland and as outlined in the Core Syllabus for Religious Education.

In Key Stage 3 pupils study the four objectives of the core syllabus. These are – The Revelation of God, The Christian church, Morality and World Religions other than Christianity. This fourth objective allows pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of two world faiths.

GCSE , AS and A level examinations are offered to pupils who choose these optional subjects. A short course, equivalent to half a GCSE, is offered to all pupils who do not choose RS as a full GCSE option.

The teaching of Religious Studies seeks to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and a variety of skills.

All of the above is taught in an atmosphere which will promote a friendly, caring environment where pupils can develop sensitivity, thoughtfulness and respect.