Religious Education

Religious Studies is an integral part of the academic curriculum of the school. Every student in Years 8 to 12 follows the legal requirements of the subject in Key Stages 3 and 4 as specified by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland and as outlined in the Core Syllabus for Religious Education.

In Key Stage 3 students study the four objectives of the core syllabus. These are – The Revelation of God, The Christian church, Morality and World Religions other than Christianity. This fourth objective allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of two world faiths.

GCSE, AS and A level examinations are offered to students who choose these optional subjects. A short course, equivalent to half a GCSE, is offered to all students who do not choose RS as a full GCSE option. All of these courses are through the local examination board CCEA.

The teaching of Religious Studies seeks to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and a variety of skills. These include, for example, research skills, critical judgement, the ability to ‘understand both sides’ and negotiate and resolve conflict and an appreciation of human diversity, belief systems, cultural and spiritual experiences.

All of the above is taught in an atmosphere which will promote a friendly, caring environment where students can develop sensitivity, thoughtfulness and respect.