Did you know that female mathematicians as late as the early 19th century had to pose as men in order to be taught mathematics!

Did Pythagoras really discover THAT theorem?

How are the Fibonacci numbers woven through nature?

According to an old Indian myth, how did Sissa, a courtier for a king’s knowledge of indices nearly bankrupt the king.

The aim of the Mathematics Department at Hunterhouse College is to ensure that all students fulfil their mathematical potential.

It is of crucial importance to us that we prepare students for whatever they go on to do in life, whether that be following a mathematical or scientific career or not.


Key Stage 3
In Key Stage 3 all students follow the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum which prepares them for the GCSE course in Mathematics and, if they choose, GCSE Further Mathematics.


In Key Stage 4 students follow the CCEA GCSE course, sitting examinations at the end of year 11 and 12 in GCSE Mathematics.

GCSE Further Mathematics is also an option for students who enjoy and show a flair for mathematics. The course extends knowledge beyond the scope of the single Mathematics course and provides a sound basis for A level Mathematics and other A level STEM subjects.


A Level
A level Mathematics is one of the most challenging A levels that can be taken. However, it is also one of the most rewarding A levels and one that does provide the skills required for many degree courses.

All students starting the A level course should have achieved at least a Grade A at the Higher tier GCSE course. A GCSE Further Mathematics Grade B or higher is also strongly recommended.