Modern Languages

Hunterhouse College aims to foster interest and enthusiasm for language learning and to equip our students with linguistic skills that will serve them well in their future lives. We currently offer three languages- French, German and Spanish. Students in Year 8 follow a 10 week course in each language. They are assessed in one language before starting the next. At the end of Year 8 students can choose which two of the three languages they wish to carry into Yr 9 and on to the end of Year 10.

At Key Stage 4 students must take at least one language to GCSE level. With a good GCSE result they may wish to study one or two languages at AS and A2 level.

Key Stages 3 and 4

Students learn to understand the language in written and spoken form; they learn to speak it and write it. They move from topic to topic – Self, Family and Home, Holidays and Travel, School, etc., developing the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and learning the rules in context. They are given opportunities for practice in school and at home. Recordings of native speakers are used widely. Students frequently write and perform dialogues and scenes in the target language.

In Year 12 students have classes in small groups with the language assistant to help improve their oral proficiency.

AS/A2 level

In Sixth Form students continue to develop the four skills. They are introduced to the art of translation and study grammar points in greater depth. They study literature in the target language and have conversation classes with the language assistant. The material studied at this level, while challenging and more demanding than material met at GCSE, should prove stimulating, leading to discussion (in the target language) on many issues of the contemporary world such as preservation of the environment, women’s issues, human rights, sport, health and leisure.

Colegio Arboleda 2

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