The English Department seeks to encourage a love of the written and spoken word through a variety of traditional and multi-media texts. The flexibility of the curriculum at Key Stage Three enables classes to explore the thoughts and ideas of writers through a number of text types and genres, ranging from 16th century sonnets to 21st century speeches. As well as developing reading skills, students engage in a wide range of writing activities, helping to increase their confidence in personal, imaginative, functional and literary writing. Drama is an integral part of the English classroom and Hunterhouse pupils enjoy creating roles, imagining increasingly complex plots and experimenting with various dramatic forms.


Students at Key Stage Four are prepared for their compulsory GCSE English Language examination by specialist teachers who have experience in teaching and marking for CCEA. Students can also choose to study English Literature GCSE, which continues to be a popular choice and a fulfilling subject, where students engage with poetry, prose and drama from a variety of cultures and periods, building on the secure foundation achieved due to the preparatory work throughout Key Stage Three.


A-level English Literature continues the pattern of exploring texts, writers and their ideas and cultures. Although a popular A-level at Hunterhouse, the smaller classes encourage more of a tutorial atmosphere, supporting greater critical awareness and increasing maturity of style in written responses to texts studied.


The English Department is pleased to offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs and societies. These include senior and junior debating, senior reading club and various support groups for those who want to improve the standard of their reading and writing. The English Department also helps with the annual school play and enjoys trips to the theatre in Belfast and Lisburn.