Art & Design

In Art and Design pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of creative and expressive experiences in both two and three dimensions. Some of the possible areas of study are : ceramics, textiles, jewellery design, printing, graphic design, digital art, painting and sculpture. Each girl is able to evolve design solutions and create more self-expressive fine art pieces. They are also given opportunities to observe and appreciate the work of other artists and designers through books, posters and the internet.

Key Stage 4, GCSE and then AS and A2 Levels build upon main observations, recording, designing creating and appreciating skills. Pupils are encouraged to develop a more individualistic approach to their studies and to become more self-disciplined in preparation for public examinations or further education. Gallery tours and visits by practising artists are important to broaden pupils’ awareness of the rich and varied world of Art and Design.

At all levels, pupils have the opportunity to use ICT either for research or for the development of digital and graphic images.

For those who enjoy Art and Craft there is a lunch time school club where there are no pressures to pass examinations. Members just relax and enjoy the creative atmosphere