HUNTERHOUSE COLLEGE UNIFORM                                                                                                                                                                  2016 – 2017




  • School uniform is a fundamental aspect of the school identity and presents many advantages for our school community. Uniform requirements are as simple as possible and are intended to reinforce a sense of pride among students in their school both within the school community and when representing the school in the wider community. Uniform also ensures that the school presents a neat business-like appearance at all times and enables students to be appropriately dressed for school activities.


  • Apart from a small, plain watch, a Medic-Alert bracelet, one pair of small, plain ear studs (worn one in the lobe of each ear) and one plain band or signet ring, any of which is permitted, jewellery must not be worn with school uniform. For health and safety reasons no other jewellery is permitted – as already stated above this includes jewellery worn in visible or hidden piercings.


  • Pupils should not colour or style their hair in an extreme way during term time. Hair colour should be “natural”.



  • Parents are expected to co-operate fully over these essential aspects of school discipline. Parents and pupils should note that sanctions will be imposed as a result of breach of the regulations and that non-uniform items may be confiscated.


  • All clothes and property must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.


  • Uniform items are obtained from one of the following:


  • Warnocks Ltd, 791-793 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7GX  028 9038 1828 www.warnocks.co.uk                                                     
  •                                                                                             * WEB SALES
  • Skirt[1] (LENGTH = ON THE KNEE) (The skirt may be worn with a red or striped belt)
  • Blazer
  • Red waterproof jacket       (will be required for school trips)
  • School tie – blue for all girls except those in Years 13 and 14 who wear a red ‘Sixth Form’ tie.
  • Jumper OR cardigan – available in Courtelle or Wool
  • Shirt – long sleeved shirt style, worn with a tie[2]
  • Short sleeve open neck shirt (optional)2
  • Regulation socks or regulation tights
  • School scarf (optional)


SHOES[3] must be:

  • plain, black, leather, flat heeled with laces, straps or Velcro fastenings which hold the shoe firmly onto the foot


  • suitable for cold and wet weather




PE Shirt


Hockey socks

Smock top and/or red hoodie

Trainers: 2 pairs of sports trainers required (not plimsoll or converse style); one pair with non-marking soles to be kept exclusively for use in the Sports Hall

Hockey stick and tennis racquet (a small number may be available to hire for a nominal charge – please speak to PE Dept)

For their own protection, it is recommended that pupils wear shin guards/mouth guard during hockey activities as advised by the Hockey Federation.


Tracksuit bottoms (highly recommended)


Compression top

Beanie hat



[1] Please ensure that skirts purchased are an appropriate length and do not arrange for skirts to be shortened. As above, the regulations state that they should be worn “on the knee”. See also www.hunterhousecollege.org.uk

[2] The optional short sleeved open neck shirt may be worn between Easter and Hallowe’en. At other times all girls wear the long sleeved shirt and tie.

[3] See separate sheet or www.hunterhousecollege.org.uk for more detail. N.B. Separate information for Sixth Form.