Rules & Regulations

These regulations underlie the basic day-to-day running of the school. In implementing them we appreciate the support of our parents. Those who wish to send their daughters to this school enter a contractual undertaking to help maintain our standards when accepting a place for their daughter. Every pupil receives, for her guidance, in her school diary, a copy of more detailed in-house rules.


i) Regular school attendance is required by law. Absence is only permitted for illnesses or medical and dental appointments. Any absence must be explained in writing to the Principal. If an illness lasts more than two days the school should be informed by letter or telephone as soon as possible. The school must be notified immediately of any infectious diseases: Meningitis, German measles, mumps and conjunctivitis being the most important. Where a girl has permission to be absent she will find the procedures to be followed detailed in her School Diary. All requests for a girl to be out of school during the day must be made by her parents in writing.

As pupils spend only 190 days each year in school, they must not take holidays during the school terms. They should remember that references for third level education and for jobs ask for details of attendance and punctuality.

Girls should be prepared to attend school functions, which may occur in the evening or at the weekend in the case of Open Days.

ii) Girls may not leave the premises during the school day without obtaining permission from the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, one of the Vice Principals or the Principal. If a girl is leaving the school premises for any reason she must sign out, and on her return, sign in on the appropriate list at the school office.

iii) Girls may not remain on the premises after 5.00 pm unless special permission has been granted by the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, one of the Vice Principals or the Principal and at least one member of staff is present in school.


Pupils must make every effort to arrive punctually in the mornings. Punctuality, like absence, is recorded in detail and forms part of the girl’s school record. It will be reported on. In special cases late passes are issued but use of these is closely monitored and if abused they may be withdrawn.


Pupils must wear the correct school uniform at all times and be neat and tidy in appearance. Those representing the school in sport or any other activity will travel to and from the venue in full school uniform. Jewellery, apart from a watch, Medic-Alert bracelet, one pair of small plain ear studs or a signet ring, must not be worn with school uniform. Make-up, nail polish and extravagant hairstyles are not permitted.

Valuables and Property

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to valuable property brought to school by girls. All uniform and property must be indelibly marked with the owner’s name. Pupils are responsible for their own property and must respect the property of others. Sums of money, except for transport and meals provision should only be brought to school in special circumstances and should be carried on the person or taken to the office for safe keeping. It is an offence to drop litter or deface school property. Chewing gum and correction fluid are forbidden.

Health and Safety

Parents are requested to support the application of the Health and Safety rules outlined in the school diary received by each girl. Particular attention is drawn to the prohibition of smoking, use of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substances on school premises or in school uniform; the observation of the direction of road safety patrols at the school entrances; the use of the recognised crossing facilities; the use by all pedestrians at all times of the Back Drive where there is a footpath. Cars must not park on footpaths within the school grounds.