May Day Show 2017

Another great outing for the equestrian team on May Day at the Royal School Armagh’s Charity Show, held at the Meadows…

As nine Hunterhuse riders were available to compete, we decided to enter 3 Novice teams and double up on riders and horses rather than leave someone out.  Remarkably,  all three teams were placed and received beautiful rosettes….3

Hunterhouse Blue team were placed 4th with the team finishing on a Zero score and a very fast time.

Sophie Lister Tinsley riding Shannon

Ella Heron riding Riley

Lucy Toombs was riding Bob and she also popped onto Shannon to make the fourth rider and achieved 2 faultless round on the one day.


Hunterhouse Gold team finished 5th again with a zero score and with a total time of less than 2 seconds difference over the 4 riders.

Mollie Park riding Little Miss Lilly

Octavia Wilson riding Thatcher

Alice Kilpatrick riding Sam

Sophia Bloomfield Faiers borrowing Millparks Slievenagarrah (Skye) from her sister Indie to make up 4 members of the team.


Hunterhouse Red team finished 6th on 4 faults…..

Gillian Grogan riding Simply Abigail

Indie Bloomfield Faiers Riding Millparks Slievenagarragh (Skeye)

Sophia Bloomfield Faiers riding Bess


Gillian Grogan hopped onto Lucy Toomb’s  horse, Bob, who she had never ridden before and with only 1 practice jump had a faultless round in a great time.


The whole day was brilliant fun and the girls supported each other throughout.  The girls provided a wonderful example of horsemanship, team spirit and sportsmanship and as this is likely to be the last competition of the School year, was a great end to a very successful season for the girls and their horses.