The School Council

The school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school

They aim:

    • To unite the school as one community, lessening the divisions between each year group.
    • To bring about improvements to our school community in order to advance the potential of our school.
    • To provide a forum where all pupils have the opportunity to express an opinion and know that it will be taken into account.
    • To provide an effective link between pupils and staff.

School Council is made up of 30 members

Year Groups are represented as follows:

Years 8-12 4 members per Year Group = 20 pupils
Year 13 4 members = 4 pupils
Year 14 6 members (Including Head Girl & Deputy) = 6 pupils
TOTAL = 30 pupils

Members of the School Council are elected at Form Class Elections at the beginning of the Autumn Term. The Form leader elected in the first school term (i.e. in September) will be the School Council Representative for the whole year. In the Spring Term (i.e. in January) she hands over her Form Leader duties to the Form Leader elected for the next term.